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The supernatural appearance of a deceased person or animal.  It is often too distant to be in the normal range of a persons view and is uncommon to see an appearance.  A full bodied apparition shows the entire body of an animal or person.  A partial bodied apparition are shown more often but only show part of a body such as; torso or arms.  They often appear as white (or various shades of white/gray) or solid black. Usually apparitions can appear to hover in the air. It is rare that apparitions show their legs or feet.

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Midwest Ghost Investigators

Illinois, Rockford 61102
United States

MGI is a non profit group of professional paranormal investigators founded in 2014 out of Illinois.

P.I.O.T. Paranormal

Indiana, Indianapolis
United States

Paranormal oppression? Haunted? Simply interested in the paranormal? Our services are free! We are a non-profit organization that delivers full

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